Community Christian Church believe that sharing God's love with the lost is an important part of being a Christian. Not everyone is able to go to a foreign country so our mission field is right here in Scott City.
We also support other believers that are taking the Gospel to the lost both domestically and internationally.
Domestic Missions
Lakeview Christian Camp
Located on Webster Reservoir near Stockton, KS. Lakeview Christian Camp reaches out to young people and adults alike through summer camps and retreats.
Manhattan Christian College
Located in Manhattan, KS, MCC is training the next generation of church leaders and Christ followers here in the heartland.
Ozark Christian College
Located in Joplin, MO, OCC is training the next generation of church leaders and Christ followers here in the heartland
International Missions
Pioneer Bible Translators
Dan and Shawn Thompson are missionaries we support who are currently in Vanuatu, a small island country in the South Pacific. They are helping translate the Bible into native languages and sharing life and love with the people of Vanuatu.